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FELICIA RICCI is a writer-performer-teacher person from Providence, Rhode Island who, until the age of seven, had an imaginary friend named Chum loosely based on Alfred from Batman. Felicia received her B.A. in English from Yale University and won the prestigious Louis Sudler Prize for Excellence in the Arts (awarded to two graduating seniors), whose prize money she promptly squandered.  Soon thereafter, she made her New York stage debut opposite Liz Larsen in NYMF 2008’s The Jerusalem Syndrome, all while working as a marketing associate for an electronic medical records software company, where she learned lots of information-technology jargon / how to coil a power cord. Felicia departed from software when she was cast in the San Francisco company of Wicked in the ensemble and as an understudy for the lead role of Elphaba. One month later, she re-auditioned and became Elphaba’s standby. (What’s the difference? Read it here!) Over the course of eight months, Felicia performed the role of Elphaba over forty times and wrote a behind-the-scenes blog about her wild Wicked experience which, unlike this bio, is written in the first person. In a bout of delusional grandeur, she decided to fashion it into a book, Unnaturally Green, which you should totes read. That’s right: totes. Felicia is currently working on a young adult novel that’s aaaaaaalmost done; will you read it someday? Felicia hopes. In her spare-ish time, she pens an “unpredictable” blog called “Five-Trick Pony” and coaches voice. Let’s be friends!

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