about Felicia Ricci

Felicia is a multi-passionate artist -- an actor with performance experience on the screen and on the stage, musical and dramatic, as well as a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Her screen experience spans in-front-of and behind the camera, directing and editing her own music videos.

Her YouTube channel has garnered over 600,000 subscribers and 33 million views.

A decade ago she performed as the standby to Elphaba in the Broadway tour of Wicked, and wrote a memoir, Unnaturally Green, about the experience.

Today, Felicia is eager to create and engage with projects that emotionally connect. She releases original alternative pop music – eclectic, beat-driven songs grounded in story, character, and emotion. She self-produces her songs, playing and singing all parts. [Learn more here.]

Felicia believes self-expression heals the self, and the world.

She lives in Los Angeles.

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Business Inquiries: feliciariccibiz at gmail [dot] com

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