Belt Your Face Off!

A Complete Guide to Belt Singing

Unlock your best belt-singing voice with Wicked actress, singer, and voice finder Felicia Ricci.

Are you a singer who's always wanted to learn how to belt -- but you've been told it's "unhealthy"?

Time to unlock your most powerful voice. Voice Finder & Broadway actress Felicia Ricci will teach you the simple, easy, techniques behind belting -- and show you that anyone can belt.



"I'm Ready to Belt My Face Off!"


36 voice lessons. 4+ hours of video.

Belt Your Face Off! is a complete singing course that gives you ALL the tools you need to learn how to belt sing powerfully & consistently.

 Belting is a singing style practiced by pop singers, rock stars, and Broadway performers in which chest voice is applied to a high range of notes.

It's one of the most fun and impressive singing sounds out there -- but one that often stumps singers who think they just don't have the "gift" or talent to do it.

Fact: Healthy belting can be taught. And all the keys to learning are contained in this course.

This complete A-to-Z course offers a carefully planned sequence of belting warmups and techniques designed to transform your voice with the effectiveness of one-on-one teaching.

Under the guidance of Felicia Ricci -- who honed her belting craft while playing the lead role of Elphaba in the Broadway tour of Wicked the musical -- these lessons will leave you in tip-top singing shape, armed and ready to belt healthily and wow everyone at your next audition, talent show, or musical performance.

These lessons were designed for singers of all levels who are seeking to master the belting technique.

Felicia teaches in clear, plain language that's not overly technical or long-winded, conveying her information with tons of gusto (and humor, too!).

Extremely interactive, these lessons don't just involve talking about a concept, but applying it to over 30 exercises, vocalizations, and practice sessions. Felicia stays with you every step of the way, finding creative ways to get you to access your best voice. 

What's Included In the Course?

  • Groundbreaking technique for pop, rock, or musical theater belting
  • Comprehensive instruction for a fraction of the cost of private lessons
  • Easy-to-follow lectures, 4+ hours of video, 30+ vocal warmups
  • Downloadable audio guides to take with you and playback anywhere
  • Daily practice exercises & homework
  • Safe, healthy technique designed for any singer
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


(1) Breath: What is breathing from the diaphragm, and how do I apply this practice? What vocal warmups reinfroce and hone this skill? This sequence of videos answers these questions and teaches you how to make correct, supported breathing second nature.

(2) Palate + Tongue: Learn the proper positioning in the back of your throat that allows you to access your best singing and belting voice.

(3) Resonance: Singing is created by breath and the vocal folds, but it resonates on different parts of your body. Learn to wield the power of resonance to help create a strong and focused belt sound.

(4) Vocal Mix: What is chest voice, and what is head voice -- and what happens when you sing "between" the two? The answer is a vocal blend, or mix, which is where the belt voice originates. Learn the vocalizations and approaches that will get you to have a seamless, beautiful blend.

(5) Advanced Techniques: Watch as your belting voice starts to soar! Practice these warmups, apply focused techniques, and listen as your belt voice develops healthily and free of vocal stress.

(6) Applied Belting: Warm up and practice is all well and good, but what happens during a performance? Discover key strategies to keep you grounded and consistent, as well as singer "secrets" like modified vowels.

(7) Troubleshooting and Tips: Ever singer's journey encounters roadblocks. In this section, Felicia addresses some of the most common challenges, offering ways to overcome these hurdles.

(8) Notes on Daily Practice: Singing everyday and working toward incremental goals are key to belting success. In this video, Felicia outlines the ideal practice session and coaches you on developing your own individualized singing regimen.

Each of the above course units is accompanied by warmup and exercise videos (homework) that guide you through your take-home assignments (no piano required) and allow you to execute the lessons in your own voice.

Audio downloads isolate and extract each vocal warmup and exercise so you can put them on your music player and practice anywhere, antime.

Written guides, summaries, and introductory e-book reinforce each concept and give you a handy reference of key points and principles so you'll never feel lost.

A vocal warm-up log lets you keep track of each exercise and lists its exact video location, allowing you to find and repeat as many times as necessary.

Easy-to-follow lessons. Real results.

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30+ exercises and warmups

36 video lessons & 4+ hours of content

Audio downloads

Text guides and homework

Establish a singing regimen for your practice

Access your best, healthiest belt sound through warm-ups and vocal progressions

30-day money-back guarantee




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30-day money-back guarantee


Note from Felicia Ricci

When I was cast in the Broadway tour of Wicked, going on for the lead role of Elphaba about twice per week, I had to learn how to sing my incredibly high, powerful belter songs consistently and without strain.

So I got to work.

During the seven years since then, I've pulled together everything I've learned as a singer and international voice coach to develop a safe, healthy sequence of exercises and warmups that allow you to build an incredibly powerful belting voice -- that "wow-factor" sound that's so popular today.

I know firsthand what it's like to invest lots of money in private voice lessons, with little to no result. I want you to get results from Belt Your Face Off! -- guaranteed. 

Which is why the course comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. Check it out, see if it clicks, and if not, you get all your money back.

I want you to feel empowered to sing any vocal role, and not feel limited by your range or confidence as a belter.

I want you to sing that dream role you never thought you could :-)

As a student of Belt Your Face Off!, you will get lifetime access to the course, including a comprehensive 41 page singer manual and searchable Q&A document.

I never want you to feel lost, or like you don't have the tools to belt sing. It's time to bust through those walls and get that belting sound you always wanted but never thought was possible.

Does the idea of being able to belt sing make you super psyched?

Then I'd be thrilled for you to join my course! Let's do this. Let's belt our faces off!

Thanks for reading.

xo Felicia


Meet Your Enthusiastic (Soon to Be Retired!) Teacher

A lifelong singer passionate about music, FELICIA RICCI writes and produces her own original music in Los Angeles. Onstage, she played Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady opposite Emmy winner David Alan Grier and Tony nominee Reg Rogers. Prior to that, she was seen in the lead role of Elphaba in Wicked's San Francisco company -- a role that required some serious singing (not to mention green makeup). Felicia has taught thousands of voice students online, conducted master classes all over the country, and mentored young artists and singers at Northwestern University and her alma mater, Yale University. As a voice student, she's worked with Tony Award winner Victoria Clark (The Light in the Piazza, Cinderella, Sister Act), Broadway director Lonny Price, and Broadway music directors Joel Fram and David Loud. She is author of the memoir Unnaturally Green, an international Amazon bestseller, and runs a popular singing & self-development YouTube channel, garnering over 600,000 subscribers.


"When Will I Hear Results?"

A: Your singing will improve as soon as the first lesson. In terms of mastering belting, depending on your pacing and skill level, Belt Your Face Off can take as few as 30 days, but each singing journey is different. With continual practice, this course is guaranteed to improve your belting voice by leaps and bounds.


"What Are the Requirements?"

  • A room to sing in
  • A sense of humor

"Who is the target audience?"

  • Beginner through advanced singers
  • Aspiring actors and actresses
  • Classically trained or opera singers who have trouble creating that belty sound

"I have just finished Belt Your Face Off! and just wanted to let you know I have learned more from your course than all the other teachers I have had over the years. I had developed a strong chest voice and my head voice was non-existent, in fact it was embarrassing. Your technique to smooth it out has already shown results. Thank you so much for helping me with your fabulous course. Your manner and teaching style are fabulous. Thanks a million."

Bobby S.
BYFO Student

"OH MY GOD THIS COURSE IS THE SH*T. I've been training my voice with experienced vocal coaches for a few years. I invested a lot of money and time taking those lessons and while I've seen some good results, I was never a strong/good belter. Especially at high notes, I had to put a lot of effort and energy in every time I wanted to pull off a strong belty sound. Then, I found this course. AND OH MY GOD. I've only been taking this course for literally less than a week, now I can belt effortlessly. Just like that. I'm still amazed. Like, I can just belt and belt without feeling tired. Finally, I sound like I've always wanted to sound. Where has this course been all my life? Felicia Ricci really is the best Voice Finder. THANK YOU, FELICIA"

Serene B.
BYFO Student

"I'm really loving your course. The way you explain everything makes it all sound so achievable. It's all stuff I've been taught for years, but the way you explain it makes the approach so easy and natural."

Cameron C.
BYFO Student

As a Belt Your Face Off! student, you will...

  • Learn how to use the minimum amount of vocal cord for the maximum result -- creating a supported, powerful sound with almost no effort
  • Develop pro-level consistency and a vocal vocabulary that lets you "ready, aim, fire" your sound so it "pings out" in your belter resonance, every time
  • Get daily practice sessions, homework, and text guides that give you a clear sequence of warmups to deliver noticeable RESULTS
  • Watch interactive, one-on-one style video lessons where Felicia breaks down everything clearly, succinctly, and in plain English
  • Feel empowered to sing any vocal role
  • Receive a 30-day refund guarantee (if you don't like it, email us and you get a no-questions-asked refund)



Are you ready to start belting?

This course comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy, so there's no risk for trying it out.

A portion of all Belt Your Face Off! revenue is donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses (Wish.org) and Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital, a pediatric research and treatment facility dedicated to finding cures to catastrophic childhood disease (SaintJude.org).