Why I Stopped Teaching Singing

felicia how to sing singing Dec 27, 2017
Good friends,
It's been months since we spoke. I am learning so much about myself! PATIENCE has never been my strength...but, boy, am I learning how to embrace slow change. I am sending a quick 3 min and 30 second video update to say hello and clear up confusion about where I've been..... The main takeaway: I am becoming my true self. And that is mad scary. But ultimately so good. I am, and always have been, an artist. There ain't nothing I can do about it.

(Can anybody relate to this?) What's taking me so long then??? Whelp. When I emerge from this hiatus I want to make sure that EVERYTHING I create is 100% aligned with who I am. 

In the darkest corners of my mind and heart, there has always been a scared person hoping for validation.
And when it comes to creating art and music, I DO NOT want to put out songs or materials that are asking for approval. It's not about the likes, the numbers, or the compliments. It's about truth, connecting, and sharing out of love. FINALLY.
I know I can do it, but making changes to the way I think and see myself is not easy, or fast. I've been teaching you all to honor yourselves and your voices, and I am finally doing the same for myself.
Here's the video if you'd like a peek. Please excuse the messy office :)
Oh, and please leave me a comment. It's so nice to hear from old friends.

Love, Felicia

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