5 Tips for Going Through Long, Messy Journeys

Apr 22, 2018

It's been so long! How are you? I hope you are still singing up a storm. (Are you?? Huh??? Don't make me come over there!!!)

Me? I've been........chugging along. :) With my 32nd birthday coming up next month, I can now say, confidently:

Future Felicia will one day look back on this past year, cackle, slap me on the butt, and say: "Oh, honey, that was rough, wasn't it?"

And I'll be like, yes, Future Felicia, but please don't slap my butt that hard.

(Although I guess given the time-space reality I won't actually be there to respond?) (Whatever, you get the idea.)

The thing is, the last time I changed this much in a year was....I don't know! Puberty? And while change is often marketed as purely awesome, it is actually so, so, so disorienting and wack.


In case you hadn't heard, the human brain HATES change. In the right filtered light, change seems fun! Exciting! Wow! Let me Instagram my new haircut, etc!

In a more direct, honest light, change feels like churning swamps...

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