After 32 Years, I Finally Did An Open Mic

friishay Dec 28, 2018

I've performed as the lead role in a Broadway tour, been in over 100 musicals, and my YouTube channel has over half a million subscribers.

But I'd never sung an original song at an open mic.

Until this past Tuesday night.

Sound the frickin' trumpets, right?


For many folks reading this, an open mic might not seem like a big deal.

But to me, it was.

Playing a role in a musical is one thing. Playing your true self is a whole other challenge -- one I wasn't prepared to deal with until this year.

The intimidating part about this particular open mic (at a bar called TIME, appropriately enough) was that you play with the house band (drums, bass, keys) and they take your song and improvise and riff with you.

Most folks do cover songs, but if you want to perform an original you email them your chord chart ahead of time, attach an .mp3 demo, then sign up and go.

Your song undergoes a magical conversion of sorts, from your brain to a near instant materialization -- played by...

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