frequently asked questions

Where are you and what are you doing?

I'm in Los Angeles, California, hanging out among many plants. My apartment has like 30 plants at this point.

What are your plants' names?

Pélé, Tombalina, Tootsie, Pino, Peelee, Anorak, Chet, Young John Thomas, Birdie, Razzmattazz, Fatboy, Cheese (R.I.P.), Finger, Geri, Kwanzaa, Penny, Horatio, Fernando, Tedesco, The Soup Gang, Grigor, Harold, Maude, Radicchio, Rochambeau, Rose, The Cheese Whizzes, Cordelia, Rubberto, and Claw.

When did you start creating music?

I've been writing music for a while but began pursuing production, mixing, and songwriting in 2016.

Did you really quit teaching singing?

Yes. I am no longer creating new singing-tips videos, online singing courses, or seeking new students. The teaching chapter is 100% over.

Why did you stop teaching singing?

The short answer is: it got boring, it drained my energy, and it started to feel like a phony pursuit because I wasn't passionate about it.

The longer answer is: I think that singing isn't something that can really be taught anymore in this current reality, where your own intuition can lead you to incredible insights and experiences. 

Singing itself is an intuitive, expressive, artistic process, and the answer to how it's done is inside you! Teaching something innate and fundamental and truly distinctive to each individual (a "different strokes for different folks" type deal) creates a strange and taxing power dynamic wherein the student thinks the teacher has some sort of key to truth or reality, when this is not the case.

I believe each person knows him or herself best. So I don't want to participate in a teacher-student dynamic anymore.

And even if you disagree with me on this long, philosophical explanation, there are lots of teachers still teaching who might be able to serve you at this point in your journey.

Lol, okay. So you're just peacing out?

For a little while, yes! I must participate in the world in a totally genuine way. I'm too sensitive to energy for me to fake it.

I am currently working on my own original music, sitting and looking at my plants, and contemplating the time-space continuum.

Can you send me your TEDx resources? I saw your YouTube video on life revision.

Rather than send out individual emails, I will instead refer you to this list of resources on my website. Here ya go!

Do you still have online courses?

My free courses Belting Crash Course and Free Vocal Warmups are still available as downloadable archives. You can get them here.

Did you really close your paid courses indefinitely?

Yes, it's true. 

Can I book a one-on-one or Skype lesson with you?

Nope! I am no longer actively teaching (see top of page, fourth question).

I'm already enrolled in one of your courses and am experiencing technical difficulties with logging in/accessing the course content.

To access archives of the free courses Belting Crash Course and Free Vocal Warmups, visit here.

Did you buy a course from me? To login to previously purchased courses, go to or scroll to the very bottom of this page for the direct link. If you've forgotten your login you can click "Forgot Password" to have a new one sent to your email.

If that's still not working, please send an email to shadowbabymail[at] for more info.

Do you offer any scholarships or tuition assistance for the paid singing courses?

There aren't any paid singing courses anymore.

I'm a complete beginner, where should I start?

Follow your intuition! No, seriously. Self trust = good singing. Singing is a revelation, not a recipe. (If that's an annoying answer, I wouldn't be a good teacher for you anyway, so maybe search YouTube or Google?)

Can I send you a recording of me singing, and you tell me what I need to work on?

I don't offer this service. Or any services, actually!

When's your next video / project coming?

No idea! Right now I feel like I *am* the project, so the timetable on any new release is very much TBD.

What is your favorite type of pasta?

Why, rigatoni of course.


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