Stop wasting time. Build your voice FAST.

Time to spice up your warmups + grow your voice faster than ever before!

Here are 12 brand-new warmups designed to free your voice from tension + strain.

– Felicia Ricci, Voice Finder

The Lazy Singer's Warmups are fast, fun, weird :) and THE MOST EFFECTIVE warmup set I've ever created.

Watch my quick video below to learn how they work!


What's So Special About These Warmups?

The Lazy Singer's Warmups not only build your voice, but work to prevent tension -- the "silent killer" of good singing! They do so in the minimum amount of time, developing crucial vocal skills with barely any effort.


  • Train your voice to sing (1) consistently, (2) without tension or strain,
  • Build range as quickly and efficiently as possible,
  • Warmup in the minimum amount of time, all while opening up your voice and getting ready for a day of singing or speaking.



  • Vocal tension is the “silent killer” of good singing,
  • It’s the cause of almost all vocal strain and our perceived vocal limits,
  • If you free your voice each day, you’ll be amazed at what your voice can do when you just CHILL THE HECK OUT. 



  • You don’t want to think hard about singing,
  • You have a rehearsal or performance and not much time to warm up,
  • You feel tense and feel like your voice just isn't "there,"
  • You want to feel good, relaxed, and in touch with your voice,
  • You just want to spend the day singing freely, without jaw tension, without tongue tension, without tense breathing that leads to labored singing.

How are these different from Fel's Free Vocal Warmups?

1. They work faster + specifically address tension.

It's like the difference between a full-body workout and a workout that isolates one muscle. 

The Lazy Singer's Warmups are "full-body" -- they work several "muscle groups" (or facets of singing) at once!

Not only that, they release tension while you warm up, freeing your voice & busting vocal roadblocks.

2. They give you more schedule flexibility.

  • These warmups take anywhere from 10 to 33 minutes. 
  • That's because they are front-loaded to give you the most bang for your buck as soon as you start.
  • If you only have 10 minutes, I’ve got you covered. A little more time? You can keep going with 3 more. And so on. And on days when you have 33 minutes? Do the entire set! 
  • Any way you slice it, you build consistency without wasting time.

3. They aren't just for beginners.

The Lazy Singer's Warmups are designed for all levels. While they're great for beginners, even pro-level singers will benefit from these daily warmups.

  • Featuring 12 Cue & Explanation Videos, one per warmup, so you know what to focus on,
  • Includes 12 Demo Videos of me singing through every warmup,
  • Does NOT rely on complicated technical principles, but rather simple foundations of singing.
  • Builds incredible vocal freedom WITHOUT taxing your voice.

4. They're truly weird and fun. :)

Okay, so -- having fun isn't THE TOP priority when it comes to singing....but it is important. :)

  • Spice up your warmup collection with these strange, one-of-a-kind (and effective) warmups!
  • Stretch out your body AS you sing,
  • Bust phantom pains in your neck, jaw, and tongue.

"I LOVE The Lazy Singer's Warmups! I sing in an a cappella choir [with a] 2-hour rehearsal every week. Warming up physically is one of the most important aspects for me -- I discovered that I carry a lot of tension in my face and upper body, and it really affects my singing. The stretches and techniques in LSW (as opposed to a simple, basic vocal warm-up) really opened up my range, and I find I experience less vocal fatigue (and just feel better!) at the end of rehearsals. Highly recommend these warmups!!"

Samara S.
Lazy Singer's Warmups Student

You need to STOP over-singing.

When it comes to freeing your voice, less is more!

As a singer, I learned that "less is more" the hard way. 
I spent so much time beating up my voice -- clenching, tensing, over-singing, and stressing myself out -- that it backfired.

I grew more tense than ever. And my voice suffered.

I wondered if it was even POSSIBLE to sing consistently without (1) killing myself for hours on end, (2) building up vocal tension in the process.

Many singer's don't see the irony: all that practicing and over-singing doesn't just prevent vocal growth, it can actually set you back.

Eventually, I figured it out: just BE MORE LAZY, FEL.

Sounds ridiculous?

It’s actually not. :)

After teaching thousands of online students, I understand your top 2 singing roadblocks: (1) incredible daily tension, (2) little to no idea how to practice on a busy day of your real life, when you're pressed for time.

Here's my million-dollar bit of advice: keep warmups simple, fast, and manageable -- and practice as many times per week as you can. 
This short 'n' sweet approach is the ONLY way to free your voice, bust tension, and break through your singing plateau.

The key is to do LESS, more EFFICIENTLY, and with daily consistency. Your voice will automatically become more free and reliable. And if you pay attention to tension each day, you'll find your voice becoming freer than you ever imagined.

It's time to get simple and to chill out. Time to free your voice from tension, from over-singing, and to get it gooey, relaxed, and primed to sing the songs YOU want to sing.

How exactly?

I present to you: The Lazy Singer’s Warmups!
  • This simple, fun, and strange set of 12 warmups comes with video and audio guides. They will quickly become your new vocal best friends. :)
  • Spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes per day on these and you'll notice a huge difference in how open, relaxed, and consistent your voice becomes.
  • I call these “no-brainer warmups” because you don't really have to think for them to work. Just put in the time, and see the results.

In other singing courses of mine where we are developing skills, there is a choose-your-own-adventure element to the practice. You have to think a lot.

But these? Nope. Time to get lazy with me. 12 steps. No more. (And, sometimes, less!) We’re going give your brain (and your body) a rest. 

The Lazy Singer's Warmups are straightforward, easy, and require very little thought. (When I say "lazy," I mean lazy!)
No prep or advanced skill required. Just hit play and follow along.
In just days you’ll notice a different. You’ll feel so much vocal confidence, without nagging tension. You'll feel ready to sing your favorite songs, and to hit new notes freer and more beautifully than ever.

"I recently started singing again after having a break from it for a couple of years, so I decided to [enroll in] Fel's Lazy Singers Warmups and it was the best decision ever! Despite the fact I hadn't sung in quite some time, Fel's warmups were an easy way to get my voice back into shape and made it feel so open and relaxed! Not only that, but the quality of my voice is now better than it has ever been! I strongly suggest that anybody looking to release vocal tension and improve their voice gives it a try. If used regularly, you will definitely see results!"

Larissa S.
Lazy Singer's Warmups Student

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Meet Your Enthusiastic (Soon to Be Retired!) Teacher

A lifelong singer passionate about music, FELICIA RICCI writes and produces her own original music in Los Angeles. Onstage, she played Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady opposite Emmy winner David Alan Grier and Tony nominee Reg Rogers. Prior to that, she was seen in the lead role of Elphaba in Wicked's San Francisco company -- a role that required some serious singing (not to mention green makeup).

Felicia has taught thousands of voice students online, conducted master classes all over the country, and mentored young artists and singers at Northwestern University and her alma mater, Yale University. As a voice student, she's worked with Tony Award winner Victoria Clark (The Light in the Piazza, Cinderella, Sister Act), Broadway director Lonny Price, and Broadway music directors Joel Fram and David Loud.

She is author of the memoir Unnaturally Green, an international Amazon bestseller, and runs a popular singing & self-development YouTube channel, garnering over 600,000 subscribers.

More Raves from Lazy Singer Students!

"These warmups are fabulous. They have helped me develop some excellent voice techniques to improve my singing. And Fel herself is a great teacher with an amazing sense of humor and the ability to reveal her own personal experiences in order to demonstrate what she is trying to get across. Thank you, Fel!"

--Annemarie M.

"Fel has the rare gift of being able to communicate elusive concepts that remove all the mystery of proper voice placement. Her no-nonsense approach has one goal in mind.....to bring out the very best in YOU as a singer. Fel's instruction has enabled me to improve so much that I can't wait to sing for friends.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for The Lazy Singer's Warmups. You won't be sorry."

--Joseph K.

"What I like about the warmups is that they are stackable: I can do one, two, three, up to as many as all of 'em. So, even if I have only four minutes after my littlest child falls asleep, I can ABSOLUTELY do SOMETHING, which, I have finally come to learn, is better than nothing.

I like that they are PRIMARILY TENSION-BUSTING and CENTERING. Kind of like a yoga / singing mashup.

And though I have a long road ahead of me, I have had freedom and openness, some joie de vivre, some joie de singing even, come back to me after some very physically exhausting, tension-full years. By doing less. Not more."

--Marlene C.

"Fel's warmups are fun and extremely well explained. She reminds you how to engage with your own body mind and voice and to notice your own habits.

We used them in our community choir and they gave us the confidence and stamina to do a 50 minute gig at a folk festival! Plus we laughed our socks off.

Fel is modest, funny and self reflective. And I feel like I'm having singing lessons with an old friend. Thank you."

--Cate Y.

"These are my go-to warmups. [Fel] explains & demonstrates the exercises in a clear and fun way. They really help me to connect to my voice."

--Fajari B.

"The Lazy Singer's Warmups are amazing for those days when you feel like you just don't have time. In just a few days I noticed a huge difference in my voice for singing only 10 mins each day!"

--Alexandra C.



Final Thoughts from Felicia!

If you’re struggling to develop a consistent vocal practice, I totally feel you, my dude. You’re probably stuck in a limbo of wanting to sing every day, but not having the time and not knowing what to do with just 10 minutes.

But it only takes a little bit of time each day. Trust me.

Invest a tiny bit of time each day with The Lazy Singer's Warmups and watch your voice relax, open up, and give you the vocal freedom you're craving.

Singing is SO MUCH MORE FUN when your body is calm, relaxed, and open. You'll be super excited to see how much EASIER all technique gets when you teach your body to stay open -- and give it daily vocal love.

Stay in touch with your voice and be the relaxed and free singer you've always wanted to be. 

I'm so excited to share these with you! 

Happy singing,



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