Belt Your Face Off: A Complete Guide to Belt Singing

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  • 2800+ students enrolled, 36 lectures &¬†4 hours of content!
  • Learn¬†the foundations of singing, including: breathing, resonance, placement
  • Learn to vocally mix your chest and head voice so there is no distinguishable break
  • Access your best, healthiest belt sound through warm-ups and vocal progressions
  • Understand how to stay grounded so your best belting voice can "float" freely
  • Learn techniques, "tricks," visualizations, warmups and exercises to hone your sound
  • Establish a singing regimen for your practice and continued singing education
  • Improve your technique through over 30 exercises and warmups
  • Refer to written guides for every lecture and warmup

What People Are Saying:

“I have just finished Belt Your Face Off! and just wanted to let you know I have learned more from your course than all the other teachers I have had over the years. I had developed a strong chest voice and my head voice was non-existent, in fact it was embarrassing. Your technique to smooth it out has already shown results. Thank you so much for helping me with your fabulous course. Your manner and teaching style are fabulous. Thanks a million.”

Bobby S.

“Okay, please excuse my language, but I really need to say this. OH MY GOD THIS COURSE IS THE SH*T. I've been training my voice with experienced vocal coaches for a few years. I invested a lot of money and time taking those lessons and while I've seen some good results, I was never a strong/good belter. Especially at high notes, I had to put a lot of effort and energy in every time I wanted to pull off a strong belty sound. Then, I found this course. AND OH MY GOD. I've only been taking this course for literally less than a week, now I can belt effortlessly. Just like that. I'm still amazed. Like, I can just belt and belt without feeling tired. Finally, I sound like I've always wanted to sound. Where has this course been all my life? Felicia Ricci really is the best Voice Finder. THANK YOU, FELICIA.”

Serene B.

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Belt Your Face Off: A Complete Guide to Belt Singing $97.00 USD
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Sales Tax:
Due Now $97.00 USD