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The "Goodbye Forever" 3-Course Bundle - One Time Payment

Everything you need for your singing success, at the best price ever offered.

Fabulous belt singing? Check. Killer daily practice routine? Check. An 8-week top-to-bottom course on technique, strategy, and confidence? Check.

What's included:

  • All 3 of Felicia's top-selling, beloved singing courses (the last time they'll be available, ever) 
    • Singing Transformation
    • Belt Your Face Off!
    • Lazy Singer's Warmups 

Prefer a monthly payment plan? Click here.

What you'll get in Singing Transformation:

  • 96 lessons
  • 15+ hours of video and audio downloads
  • A to Z singing instruction in easy to follow video modules
  • Step-by-step technique instruction to take you through warmups, singer strategy, confidence, and much more
  • Bonus: 100+ page "Singing Transformation FAQ" Written Singing Guide
  • Bonus: "Singing As a Career" Module
  • 30-day refund policy

What you'll get in Belt Your Face Off:

  • 2800+ students enrolled, 36 lectures & 4 hours of content!
  • Learn the foundations of singing, including: breathing, resonance, placement
  • Learn to vocally mix your chest and head voice so there is no distinguishable break
  • Access your best, healthiest belt sound through warm-ups and vocal progressions
  • Understand how to stay grounded so your best belting voice can "float" freely
  • Learn techniques, "tricks," visualizations, warmups and exercises to hone your sound
  • Establish a singing regimen for your practice and continued singing education
  • Improve your technique through over 30 exercises and warmups
  • Refer to written guides for every lecture and warmup

What you'll get in The Lazy Singer's Warmups: 

  • Simple warmup system to give you maximum results in minutes per day
  • 12 detailed explanation videos (1 per warmup)
  • 12 start-to-finish demo videos of Fel singing through each warmup
  • Audio downloads (.mp3 files) that let you practice anywhere
  • PDF guide with warmup breakdown
  • Easy-to-use and mobile-friendly interface

30-day refund policy for each course

[ Note: These are online, independent-study video courses, not live instruction or written support from Felicia ]


What People Are Saying:

“The ride has been pretty amazing. Never have I met a teacher who understood the importance of positivity, of incorporating not only breathing, but confidence. Your teaching is as much about self-acceptance as it is about learning how to sing.”

Femke M.

“I have just finished Belt Your Face Off! and just wanted to let you know I have learned more from your course than all the other teachers I have had over the years. I had developed a strong chest voice and my head voice was non-existent, in fact it was embarrassing. Your technique to smooth it out has already shown results. Thank you so much for helping me with your fabulous course. Your manner and teaching style are fabulous. Thanks a million.”

Bobby S

“Using The Lazy Singer's Warmups I was actually able to hit a high note I'd been struggling with after doing the first two warms up in the course! Thanks so much for all of your dedication, you have no idea how much your videos and inspiring words have helped me!”

Louise M