Hi! Important: Felicia is no longer individually responding to singing questions or customer service emails regarding her old singing courses.

Luckily, there are tons of resources and Q&A pages for students.

1. Singing-related question? All paid courses include searchable FAQ documents with singing Q&As inside the courses themselves.

These include tons of reference materials, and answer the most Frequently Asked Questions asked by students over many years. Most likely, your question is answered there. These were compiled from hundreds of comments and are very helpful! Be sure to check them out.

2. Can't log in to a course you bought? Visit here: 

(NOTE: The free courses Belt Your Face Off and Free Vocal Warmups do not require login. If you lost your links they can be found here.)

3. Your password isn't working? Click "RESET PASSWORD" at the bottom of the page listed above in #2 -- or just go here:

4. Other technical question? In some paid courses there's a Technical Q and A page within your online course about browser resetting, downloading, etc.; please see if your question is answered there.

5. Paid customers only: if you purchased a course from Felicia and your question still hasn't been answered, please send an email to shadowbabymail[at] and you'll receive more info.


Thank you!

Felicia Ricci




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