No singing courses by Felicia Ricci will be available for purchase after September 30, 2019









Singing Transformation: 360 Degrees of Vocal Training 

Are you ready to transform your voice?

After being closed for over two years, Felicia Ricci's beloved 8-week training program Singing Transformation: 360 Degrees of Vocal Training is now open for registration, one last time.

**No online singing courses by Felicia will ever be offered again after September 30, 2019**


Course Features

Singing Transformation is an 8-week, take-at-your-own pace course. Lessons are released each week and are available to watch, forever.

Innovative Video Lessons

96 lessons and 15+ hours of content!

All materials are downloadable and mobile friendly.


Vocal Freedom + Technical Skill

Learn to (1) Expand your range, (2) Sing without tension, (3) Ensure your voice doesn't "come and go" during performance, (4) Gain lifelong vocal confidence, (5) Feel free when you sing, (6) Much more...

Singer Community Comment Wall

Don't go it alone!

Using the course's comment wall, track your progress, share your goals, and make lasting connections.

"My voice has grown to a point where I don't think it has a limit."

-Ahmed A., Singing Transformation Student


Your voice is waiting to be unlocked.

Can you hear it?

It’s knocking behind a huge metal door, peeking through the keyhole.

“Let me out!”

Meanwhile, you're thinking…
"What if?"
  • What if I’m just not destined to become a singer?
  • What if I’ve plateaued?
  • What if my goals are unreachable?
  • What if I "just don't have the chops?”
  • What if I'll never have the confidence to freely perform in front of others?
  • What if, deep down, I’m not really a singer?

If this sounds like you, I've got your back.

My mission as a Voice Finder has always been to do everything I can to help you free your voice -- and to let you experience true joy and vocal freedom.

If you’re one of the over 100,000 people who have participated in my free courses, or my free 90-minute training series intro to Singing Transformation, you’ve gotten a glimpse.

You've witnessed the incredible power of mental cueing, strategic singing practice, and just how important it is to link your emotions to your singing.

You’ve gotten a taste of what’s possible.

Singing doesn’t have to be a drag. And results don’t have to take years and years.

Over a very short amount of time (sometimes mere moments), the right cues, the right mental images, the right practice strategies can seemingly “flip a switch” and change your voice instantly.

In Singing Transformation, we call these “lightbulb moments.” And you will experience them all. the. freaking. time.

I'm incredibly proud of this course and what it can do. It’s the culmination of over 9 years of teaching voice, and learning what works, and what doesn’t. This course is my “magnum opus.” :) It captures all the time, love, and attention I put into developing a step-by-step singing method that isn't about beating your voice into submission: it's about allowing yourself to feel free. 

Singing Transformation combines all the best strategies I’ve tried and tested that will help you improve not just your singing, but overcome those mental blocks that keep you from making progress.

It’s epic, yes, but also very manageable. There are 93 videos, but spaced out over 8 weeks. You can progress as fast or as slowly as long as want, because the videos are available forever.

Altogether it’s over 15 hours of incredibly detailed instruction.

(If you know me, you know how I teach. Everything needs to be clear, accessible, fun, and easy-to-follow.)

Singing, you see (and here’s the big secret) is SIMPLE.

But we voice teachers? We waste time overcomplicating it.

We make it all about weird technical terms, confusing ideas, and impossible-to-follow directions.

The truth? Singing comes down to:

  • Awareness
  • Visual imagery
  • Consistency
  • Relaxation
  • …and that’s pretty much it!

What’s tricky for many singers (and I speak from experience when I was taking voice early in my career) is:

  • finding a teacher who can break it down in a way that clicks with YOU,
  • trusting the process,
  • knowing how to practice **effectively** (without wasting time),
  • staying motivated when those negative voices rear their head and say “you’re not doing well enough!”

That’s what I’m here for. Singing Transformation isn’t just a collection of tips. It’s an experience. It’s a way for me to show you -- to prove to you -- that you can do this.

I am your guide, your cheerleader, your singing bestie -- and in Singing Transformation I bring with me a community of hundreds of other singers in the exact same position as you -- ready to cheer you on, to tell you not to give up, and to give you those jolts of positivity that are going to take your singing practice from good to GREAT.

Singing should never be another opportunity for you to be hard on yourself, for you to feel stuck, or frustrated, or to tell yourself “I can’t.”

It’s time for us to get back to the root of WHY you love to sing.
Because you have to.
Because it’s a part of you.
Because it brings you joy unlike anything else.

"Singing Transformation is the best thing that's happened to me as a singer. I learned more in one month than I did in three years. Take it from someone who could not grow under regular instruction and voice lessons:

If there is anyone to teach you to sing, Fel is the gal."

-Jessica S., Singing Transformation student


When you join Singing Transformation you enroll ONCE but you retain lifetime access to the course and all of its materials. 

The course is an approximately 8 week-training series, broken into 7 sections. You can download the full curriculum here.

  • The materials exist on a website that’s only accessible to members.
  • There's a community comment wall, which is a great way to get to know your fellow students & get some support.
  • The course is taught primarily through video, but there are audio downloads, written guides, and practice logs to complement and enhance that learning experience.
  • All of my instruction videos, homework assignments and warm-up demos are downloadable.
  • You’ll have practice schedule templates and logs to actually track your progress.
  • All lessons are also downloadable as audio, so if you don’t have time to sit down and watch the full lesson you can take it with you and listen.
  • There’s also a 100+ page, searchable Frequently Asked Questions e-document that compiles all of the most common questions I’ve ever gotten about singing, along with my detailed answers.
I firmly believe that the Internet and multimedia does not COMPROMISE the learning experience, but actually IMPROVES upon conventional voice lessons.

Voice lessons have that problem of your not always knowing the ‘why’ or the context behind the technique -- and so often you forget what you learned in a lesson. We've fixed that and solved those problems for you.

In voice lessons, I ended up trying to students so much in such a short amount of time -- we crammed everything into our little time together. In reality there's a much better, and more affordable way for you to learn.

On that note: how much does Singing Transformation cost?

First off, the course comes with a 30-day no questions asked, we will still be friends forever, refund guarantee.

The price of tuition is normally $197.

Because it will never be available again after this month -- I'm fully retiring as an online Voice Finder so I can 100% embrace being a musical artist -- 

Singing Transformation is just $137 through September 30, 2019 as part of my "Goodbye Forever" sale.

Plus, if you bundle it with my other 2 courses? You essentially get it for $73 bucks.

This is the entire course, with access to all of the Singing Transformation materials, and the comment wall community. It’s the whole kit-and-kaboodle, all lesson materials for the lifetime access of the site (if for some reason the site moves, you'll still get access to everything).


Are you ready?

Enroll in Singing Transformation and bundle for maximum savings >

If you didn't have a chance to yet, check out the testimonial video at the top -- it's a sneak peek of what's in store.

Now it's time to walk through the door.

It's time to deliver on that promise you made to yourself the very first time to realized (1) you LOVE to sing, (2) nothing is going to stop you from finding your best, truest voice.

Are you psyched? Are you feeling the good vibes? Are you ready to jump those hurdles that have been holding you back?

Let's get started right now. >

I want to emphasize how powerful Singing Transformation is as a course.

This course will educate you in ways which I believe would not be achievable through one-on-one lessons.

Now I want you to imagine something.
Picture yourself, one year from now.
Imagine what it would feel like to have truly grown your voice.

What it would feel like if starting today, you had singer “lightbulb moments” all the time?

What if, every time you went to sing, a free, unencumbered voice came out?

What if your voice was reliable, predictable, and joyful?

What if you felt excited every time you went to sing?

This isn’t a crazy fantasy. Hundreds of singers from previous Singing Transformation classes have already experienced this (just read below).

It's okay to dream big.

What singing roles could you play?

What songs could you sing that you’ve always wanted to sing?

How would you make singing a bigger part of your life?

How would it feel to realize that you are a singer?

Here’s the thing….

You ARE a singer, right now.
Your voice is already there, it’s already inside you. 

And once you learn how to relax, to get in touch with yourself, and to get out of your own way, there aren’t limits to the kind of progress you can make.

I am here for you, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.

Join the course today >

Love, Felicia

Raves From Our Alumni

"If you are not sure about signing up for Singing Transformation, I have to say that it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I have been taking lessons, been singing in quartets, been coached by some of the best, but still had trouble with vocal fatigue, couldn’t get my break under control, or expand my range and didn’t have confidence. Since I’ve been working Fel’s method, I can now control my voice, even when I’m nervous, have better range, breath control and confidence.

But most of all, after doing a very big show, everybody that knows me has told me how my voice has improved so much that they didn’t recognize it. I can now sing 12 to 15 songs, practice for a couple of hours with no vocal fatigue.

I could go on but I’m here to tell you…………..DO IT!!" 

-Cheri, Singing Transformation Student

"Singing Transformation is the best thing that's happened to me as a singer. Three years prior to signing up for the course, I was a very confused music student studying under a voice teacher who was not giving me any vocal growth.

I took a chance and tried Fel's program. I learned more in one month than I did in three years. I started getting compliments on my voice and everyone was excited for me. Fel is truly one of the best teachers out there because she explains everything so clearly and gives you effective exercises. She tells you how to practice and motivates you, too. I strongly encourage you to study under her. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but the results are fast. Take it from someone who could not grow under regular instruction and voice lessons.

If there is anyone to teach you to sing, Fel is the gal."

-Jessica S., Singing Transformation Student

"To potential new students: this course is absolutely for you. I joined Singing Transformation after having just left school and I missed the thrill of singing.

The techniques and methods Fel teaches in Singing Transformation have allowed me to unlock so much more of my voice. I can now hit notes I used to have to strain for with so much ease, and many notes I simply couldn't reach before. If you want to learn ways to effortlessly improve your singing as well as vocal range, Fel is for you. You'll be a whole new singer!"

-Izzie, Singing Transformation Student

"To any new students I say: join with with no hesitation. The best instruction I've come across."

-Ernie, Singing Transformation Student

"Singing is such a deeply personal and vulnerable thing, and Fel completely understands that and gives you skills to overcome your doubts. In the year after taking the course I grew confident enough to perform my own original songs in front of people, strangers even, without being paralyzed by fear. Something I thought years ago I would never be able to do. Thank you, Fel, for helping me find my voice!"

-Laura B., Singing Transformation Student

"Fantastic. I’ve studied voice on and off for years, but never really got it. Fel makes you feel good and confident from the get go, no intimidation. It’s all ‘you can SO do this.'"

-Rachel B., Singing Transformation Student

"My confidence to move forward was sparked. It is a brilliant course!"

-Kelvin R., Singing Transformation Student

"My transformation has been incredible! I still can't get over it! I can feel my voice resonate in my body and understand the importance of it. I can also project my voice a lot more and have overall more control over it. I also take a lot more risks when it comes to performing: Even if I still find it nerve-wrecking, I find myself singing in front of friends/family now (something I never did before)."

-Christophe D., Singing Transformation Student

"My voice has grown to a point that I don't think it has a limit."

-Ahmed A., Singing Transformation Student

“The ride has been pretty amazing. Never have I met a teacher who understood the importance of positivity, of incorporating not only breathing, but confidence. Your teaching is as much about self-acceptance as it is about learning how to sing.”

-Femke M., Singing Transformation Student

"There is a reason it is called Singing TRANSFORMATION. From the very beginning, I have made incredible progress, and I feel like a different person now, at least when it comes to singing. I think the most important aspect Fel taught us was confidence, because even if you have the greatest technique in the world but lack confidence, you won't be the singer you could be. I am much more confident now because I know what I am doing and why I am doing it that way."

-T.N., Singing Transformation Student

"You have helped me so much with both my singing technique and self confidence because now I know that I can actually do this, and that's all because of your lessons, Fel! I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for your lessons, your support and everything you have been doing to help us singers take the best out of ourselves!"

-Anna M., Singing Transformation Student

"A great teacher is supposed to know the subject they're teaching inside and out, boost confidence, improve student's skill and knowledge and come up with easy, fun and effective lesson plans. Fel does all of this and more!"

-Alisha R., Singing Transformation Student

"I finally understood and learned so, so many things about singing through your videos!...I feel like after almost ten years of singing lessons, this is THE FIRST TIME I really realized so many questionable things!"

-Suvimarja H., Singing Transformation Student

"The reason I watch Fel's videos is really simple. She has the gift of giving confidence in a world where more things take it away."

-Nina S., Singing Transformation Student

"Fel's method is thoughtful and carefully planned, full of humor, and very entertaining as well as helpful. It is obvious that she cares about her students' progress and welfare."

-Doug G., Singing Transformation Student

"You are miles away, but the way you speak to us makes it feel that you're so close, that you know us and really believe in our potential. I have so much fun during the exercises and there are times where I'm doing them without even realizing, it became natural to me."

-Rauani C, Singing Transformation Student

"I'd had many singing teachers in my long 16 years of singing, but I can confidently say that Fel has been one of the best teachers I have ever had! Fel, you make me feel comfortable and confident about myself, something I never thought would be achieved. You're so authentic, as a teacher and just as a person in general. A kind soul and one of the best out there."

-Dexter C., Singing Transformation Student

"I am learning so much and feel an improvement every time I watch and do the exercises. I really wanted to spend time developing and understanding strong vocal technique and this course is making me a better singer!"

-Kelsey L., Singing Transformation Student

"This class has quite literally changed my singing life! I used to hate my voice, and refused to sing if anyone could hear me. I'd tried various voice teachers, but never felt as though I was getting anywhere with them. I heard progress in my voice after the very first lesson with Fel. And it only got better from there! ... You are THE BEST. Thanks for helping me discover my voice."

-Jaime H, Singing Transformation Student

"My voice has improved vastly. I can make it through my break very smoothly now. I am much more familiar with all the things my mouth, throat, and tongue can do so I find I have many more options when it comes to singing previously difficult songs. The freedom your exercises create around vowel sounds makes song parts that used to be very difficult more navigable. My constant improvement and progression keeps me practicing."

-Cliff H, Singing Transformation Student

"I've been signed to a major record label, worked with sought after producers, and sang alongside some of the most prestigious vocalists. I have never, however, felt happier with a vocal coach than I have with Fel. Her teaching technique is entertaining while informative, and she has helped me reach goals with my voice that no other vocal coach has ever met. Finding Fel has meant finding my voice, and that has been priceless."

-Dana P, Singing Transformation Student

"I did not know that there were so many vocal techniques and exercises that I can do every day to improve my singing. I have learned so much from you! You have given me the confidence to keep going, and I am extremely grateful for that! I have also looked at making mistakes as a very bad thing, until now. I love that you emphasize the importance of making mistakes, and you do not look at it as a bad thing, since it is part of the learning process."

-Natalie N, Singing Transformation Student

"Felicia Ricci has been a ground breaking pioneer in my life. From being more confident to learning certain techniques to unlock my vocal ability."

-Grant B, Singing Transformation Student

"I have a Bachelor's degree in voice and have been singing professionally for over a decade, but I've always struggled with my breath and belt. By vocalizing along with Felicia's video instruction for about twenty minutes per day, I was able to glean dramatic results in less than a week. She's hardcore, made simple. Her approach makes slippery concepts easy to grasp, practice and execute."

-Janessa O, Singing Transformation Student

"The best money you will ever spend on your singing education."

-Mitch M., Singing Transformation Student


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